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Carmelo Munzone sings for the Pink Mummy

Carmelo Munzone from the X Factor has put on hold all efforts to secure paid gigs just to donate his time to help the Pink Mummy raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation during Pink Month. Carmelo will be appearing at the Pink Mummy Fashion and Beauty Showcase on October 26 at the Gold Coast Turf Club 6pm to 9pm.

All over the Gold Coast and parts of Brisbane, there have been unexpected appearances of an Egyptian Style Pink Mummy, with tourists and locals alike scratching their heads as to what it is all about. Even Mayor Tate has been seen with the Pink Mummy on his arm!

The Pink Mummy is fast becoming a local celebrity, even appearing on NBN Gold Coast twice, Nine Brisbane news and just recently several times on Breeze FM during Pink Month.

When asked why a Pink Mummy she stated “Pink Mummy is about three things, the first one is obvious, which is raising money for cancer charities, thus the pink ribbon… the second is to promote the Gold Coast, which explains the local iconic places with iconic people involved, and thirdly… encouragement of self esteem by showing how to feel better about oneself by looking better, without the need for surgery. Pink Mummy has undergone a non surgical makeover and the amazing results will be revealed at the event. Thus the mummy wrapping, so no one can see the huge change, prior to the big reveal”.



Carmelo Munzone, was controversially eliminated from the X Factor, making it to the Top 9 and now he has opted to generously give his time to sing at the Pink Mummy Fashion and Beauty Showcase.

The event will also feature Fashion Parades by MYER and many exhibits from Fashion and Beauty professionals. Expect door prizes, champagne, canapés and 3 songs by Carmelo. Tickets are just $28 but they are very limited and there will NOT be any available at the door. Go to or click on the image at the top of this post to visit the Pink Mummy website and buy tickets.

Carmelo Munzone from X Factor sings for the Pink Mummy
Click on the image to visit the Pink Mummy website and to buy tickets.



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